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Dark Heresy Sound bites

Here’s a few sound bites I made for my Dark Heresy campaign a few years ago. I made them using my gaming microphone and Audacity – which I had no idea of how to use when I first started, so these things are pretty basic.

The first one Liber Mutanica is a fragment of a recording on how to create mutants. It is pretty noisy, fragmented and the player’s likely won’t get many clues out of it.

The next three are a few entries in a research journal made by a Magos of the Mechanicum, dabbling in Xeno-Bio science on a downrun Agri-World.

Feel free to use.

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Eberron for Legend

A few years ago, I went nuts and produced a conversion of the world of Eberron into the ruleset of MRQ2/Legend. And I thought I’d share it here.

I’m planning on updating it to RuneQuest 6 at some point – I’m looking forward to trying out mysticism to model psionics, and the expanded cult rules to better model wizard schools… but it will likely take a while.

Anyway, the book is free and located here.

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Land of the Koblians

This is the continent map for my current campaign, drawn with Campaign Cartographer 3. Feel free to use it, if you like it.


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The Runequill is up and running!

Welcome to The Rune Quill – a blog where I share some of my material, ideas, tools etc.


Right now the layout is not truly done, so I’ll be working more on especially the background. Stay tuned for more!

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