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Hi there!

The blog has been left by itself for a while, but I hope to start writing more here very soon.

I wanted to give a shout out to a podcast I’ve started listening to, The Gagmen:

They’re a very creative bunch of people, and they’re a job to listen to jab on about adventure ideas. Give them a listen.

– Dan

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Expanding Mysticism

Mysticism is the new magic system introduces in RuneQuest 6. It’s also the shortest and simplest, but also the one most ‘out of place’ compared to the others. It has a distinct Eastern feel to it, which can be a bit at odds with the rest of the book. But Mysticism is not limited to modelling Buddhist monks and Indian Gurus – I have here a few example Paths on how to move Mysticism a bit more west. All of these paths would of course need to be applied in appropriate cults / brotherhoods to be well-rounded, but hopefully these give a bit of inspiration.

Berserker: Augment Endurance, Invoke Pain Control, Enhance Damage Modifier, Enhance Fatigue, Enhance Hit Points (invoking talents requires the consumption of specific mushrooms, which can craze the individual).
Saint/Martyr: Augment Endurance, Augment Willpower, Invoke Aura (Serenity), Invoke Immunity (Devil’s Influence), Invoke Indomitable
Monk: Augment Lore(Any), Augment Endurance, Augment Willpower, Invoke Denial (Sex)
Hermit Mystic: Augment Perception, Invoke Denial (Food), Invoke Denial (Sex), Invoke Denial (Falling)
Oracle: Augment Lore(Foresight), Augment Perception, Invoke Aura (Mastery)
Jungle Hunter: Augment Perception, Augment Stealth, Invoke Dark Sight, Enhance Action Points
Psychics/Aliens: Mysticism is very suited to representing various mystical abilities in modern/punk campaigns. E.g. in an ‘X Files’-style game psychic powers and/or weird alien abilities or technology could be represented well with mysticism.

I’d love to hear your own ideas on how to utilise the¬†Mysticism rules ūüôā

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Dark Heresy Sound bites

Here’s a few sound bites I made for my Dark Heresy campaign a few years ago. I made them using my gaming microphone and Audacity – which I had no idea of how to use when I first started, so these things are pretty basic.

The first one¬†Liber Mutanica¬†is a fragment of a recording on how to create mutants. It is pretty noisy, fragmented and the player’s likely won’t get many clues out of it.

The next three are a few entries in a research journal made by a Magos of the Mechanicum, dabbling in Xeno-Bio science on a downrun Agri-World.

Feel free to use.

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Eberron for Legend

A few years ago, I went nuts and produced a conversion of the world of Eberron into the ruleset of MRQ2/Legend. And I thought I’d share it here.

I’m planning on updating it to RuneQuest 6 at some point – I’m looking forward to trying out mysticism to model psionics, and the expanded cult rules to better model wizard schools…¬†but it will likely take a while.

Anyway, the book is free and located here.

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Land of the Koblians

This is the continent map for my current campaign, drawn with Campaign Cartographer 3. Feel free to use it, if you like it.


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The Runequill is up and running!

Welcome to The Rune Quill – a blog where I share some of my material, ideas, tools etc.


Right now the layout is not truly done, so I’ll be working more on especially the background. Stay tuned for more!

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